Atlanta, GA

Three full days of painting!!!

Workshop hours 10am - 6pm Friday and Saturday

optional open studio to paint until 8pm both nights

10am - 4pm Sunday (with studio open until 6pm)

Join Wyanne in her studio painting for three full days! An intimate workshop designed to help you grow and stretch as an artist and find your own voice. All levels of experience welcome.

This is a workshop about becoming more loose and free as a painter and finding your own voice. Wyanne's intention is to give every participant lots of individual attention. This class is EXTREMELY LIMITED in participants. Expect an encouraging, positive environment with Wyanne and fellow students. 

One of Wyanne's talents as an artist is her ability to see how to get around the challenging roadblocks that we all encounter while painting. She will have the time to share this wisdom with each student, helping them to see the possibilities and to welcome the "mistakes". Having delved into many styles, from illustrative work for greeting cards and products to large-scale abstracts for galleries, she has a unique versatility.

Students have access to many mediums, including both acrylic and watercolor paint and substrates. It's like being in the art candy store! You are encouraged to try new mediums and experiment. Demos are usually individualized to each student's needs. As time permits, she will also demonstrate other mediums, such as encaustic monoprinting and show how those mediums find their way into her work.

It's Wyanne's passion to help each person discover their own voice in their art. 

Wyanne reviews every participant's work prior to the workshop. Participants are asked to answer emailed questions prior to the workshop and submit photos of work, so she can get to know you. Once you are at the workshop, she'll sit down with you privately one on one and discuss what she feels your strengths are, and where you would like to take your work. Then she'll personally work with you to get you there. You'll leave empowered, and motivated! 

The process-driven, hands-on workshop will focus on a wide variety of techniques and materials and how to successfully integrate them into your painting practice. There is no cookie cutter art! Everyone has their own unique style. Each student is encouraged to play, experiment and discover their creativity in an environment where it's encouraged to get paint on the floor.  All supplies are provided. Primarily acrylic and water-based media. You are encouraged to bring any of your own supplies that you can't live without.

Delicious lunch, snacks and drinks will be provided both days, on site. We will accommodate any food allergies.

Arrangements can be made to ship artwork back for those who are traveling by air.


"Loved watching demos with new materials and then having time to experiment with them.  Having the opportunity to play with new materials before buying them was the hook that made me sign up for this particular workshop. (I first and foremost wanted to take some type of class with Wyanne).Very favorite time was spent one on one with Wyanne (including her email).  I was astounded she took the time to review our work and give us individual guidance.  So helpful and invaluable.  She is a very giving teacher. Wyanne is a talented artist and a passionate, inspirational teacher. I feel so fortunate to have been able to spend a weekend working with her and know that her message will carry through with my work in the future!" Nancy Everett

"I never expected my little art "hobby" to ever be anything more than that, a hobby. But, painting has lit a fire in me that is becoming an inferno. I'm at a very wobbly place in my journey right now. I feel a bit lost and have needed some guidance for a while now. Wyanne opened up workshops at her studio recently and I pounced on the opportunity as soon as she posted it. Her "workshops" are more like intensives or mentoring. She is so intuitive. It feels like she can see directly into my soul when I talk with her. With some guidance from Wyanne, I'm learning to dive deeper into my art and see where I can take it. It's time for me to be intentional with it instead of passively floating along. It was just surreal to actually be in Wyanne's studio working with her and I'm thrilled that I got to meet Madeline too. She's sweet and spunky all rolled into one! I had the most meaningful, joy-filled weekend with these two precious souls. Such an exciting point of my journey!"  Heather Chism

In Person Workshop - May 24-26 Finding Your Voice

a little tough love mixed with a lot of love & support from Wyanne

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