Where to stay in Atlanta
Wyanne's Studio is located in Atlanta...in a section of town known as Avondale Estates.  It's a small charming part of Atlanta with a tudor village downtown, cool coffee shops, interesting restaurants and fun boutiques. Avondale Estates is right beside the city of Decatur.  It's a little larger and filled with a whole lot more cool stuff.  We've compiled some suggestions of places to stay.  There are no hotels in Avondale Estates, and only a couple in Decatur. We suggest you search Avondale Estates, GA or Decatur, GA in Airbnb.  We've included a couple of Airbnb options below that we can personally recommend.  If you are uncertain about a hotel or airbnb location, feel free to email Wyanne for advice.  The studio address is 2830 Franklin St., Avondale Estates, GA 30002.

These are Airbnb's that we personally know or have had friends/family stay at them.

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