Karma Rules of this Workshop

Please keep the information that you learn in this class to yourself. I ask you not to share the tips, techniques, or videos posted here, with anyone who is not registered for this class.

It's just good karma.

In this class, I really want you to mix and match techniques. Combine them with techniques that you already know. Have fun and really develop your own style.  I understand that copying is part of the initial learning process.  Please post any work that you do in our Facebook group. I know everyone would love to see it!  And if you want to share it with the rest of the world...that's great too! Bravo for getting out there. If you send some love this way when you do...I'd really, really appreciate it.  That being said...let me just add that it's not okay to make EXACT OR SIMILAR copies of my painting for sale, prints, postcards, or digital print services such as on Society 6, Redbubble, Zazzle, etc.    My licensing company tends to get a little grumpy about this. And I get a little sad. Because my passion is to inspire you to find your own style!  If you have an incredible piece and are not sure if it's okay to sell...please email me at wyanne@wyanne.com.

Please use all the information that I'm teaching to expand your knowledge and own style.

 The world is waiting to see art unique to you...it is your gift to give back to the world.

love and light,


Online Class - Greatest Hits II Workshop

Greatest Hits 2 April - September The Fun Continues! New Painting Techniques combined with Past Years Painting Techniques. Live Q&A with Wyanne. Discount available for previous Greatest Hits students! Check the GH1 classroom!

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