This class ran live beginning Sept. 1st, 2019. Each week focuses on a new medium and substrate.  It is now being offered as a self-study class.  

The class consists of six areas of focus, as Wyanne takes you through many different techniques.  The class consists of step by step recorded videos of projects.  During a Live session of the class, Wyanne meets with students via video Facetime type platform to answer questions, critique work, show new products and short demonstrations.  These Live calls were also recorded and placed in the classroom.

As time permits, Wyanne will continue to conduct new Live Q&A sessions for students.  They will also be recorded and placed here in the classroom.

An active Facebook group to post your work and ask questions.

Online Workshop - Abstract Fluid Florals

A masterclass of techniques  and inspiration with Wyanne. Beginners welcome. Forever Access. Although the subject matter is florals and landscapes, the techniques can be used for all subjects. This class is a good foundation for Wyanne's future classes in 2020 and beyond.  Please scroll down for more information below.

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