ONLINE LIVE WORKSHOP- FINDING YOUR VOICE - A Small Group Experience by Wyanne Thompson
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What's included?

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Overview & Welcome
About The Workshop
Past Student Reviews
Past Student Artwork
Facebook Group
Zoom Video Call Information
Week One
Scheduling Your Individual Private Call With Wyanne
Workshop Questions
23.5 KB
Week 1 - Thank you & Group Assignment
11 mins
Checklist for Week One
Live Group Call for Week 1
(1h 05m 39s)
Week Two
Inner Critic Group Assignment
14 mins
Inner Critic Group Assignment Part 2
A Focal Point in a Painting
Checklist for Week Two
Live Group Call for Week 2
47 mins
Week Three
Week Three - Inner Mentor - Part 1
6 mins
Week Three - Inner Mentor Visualization Exercise - Part 2
10 mins
Week Three - Inner Mentor - Part 3
2 mins
Week 3 - A Great Tool for Your Toolbox - Procreate
7 mins
Week 3 - Quick Procreate Tutorial
4 mins
Composition & Negative Space
3 mins
Checklist for Week Three
Live Group Call for Week 3
(1h 13m 15s)
Week Four
Week Four - Inner Tribe
13 mins
Week 4 - 24 hour Challenge
9 mins
Week Four - Homework
Checklist for Week Four
Live Group Call for Week 4
56 mins
Week Five
Week Five - Part 1
13 mins
Week Five - Part 2
16 mins
Checklist for Week Five
Live Group Call for Week 5
45 mins
Week Six
What You Are Not
15 mins
Checklist for Week Six
Group Live Call
50 mins
Week Seven
Part 1
16 mins
Part 2
12 mins
Checklist for Week 7
Live Group Call for Week 7
(1h 00m 34s)
Week Eight
Our Last Week
Week 8 - Part 2 - Comments on Posts
7 mins
Week Eight Final Thoughts
23 mins
Week Eight - What Next?
(1h 04m 31s)

Empowering & Inspiring Artists

Wyanne Thompson possesses over 20 years of hands on painting experience and maintains a successful art career that includes online and in-person art courses, past ownership of two art galleries, professional photography and jewelry making, while sustaining high-quality business acumen.  In addition to her extensive career, Wyanne continues to inspire others with her incredible personal story. She is a Stage IV oral cancer survivor and warrior with a speech impediment who has overcome insurmountable obstacles, and removed impossible barriers to thriving as an artistic force.  Wyanne boldly shares her experience, inspiration and strength.  She has amassed a powerful and dedicated global community of artists - connected across all continents - with a shared desire to stretch creative skills beyond what is perceived possible. Wyanne guides and challenges this thriving global community to find their artistic voice and to share that voice with the world.