In Person Workshop - May 24-26 Finding Your Voice by Wyanne Thompson
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In Person Workshop - May 24-26 Finding Your Voice

a little tough love mixed with a lot of love & support from Wyanne
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Empowering & Inspiring Artists

Wyanne Thompson possesses over 20 years of hands on painting experience and maintains a successful art career that includes online and in-person art courses, past ownership of two art galleries, professional photography and jewelry making, while sustaining high-quality business acumen.  In addition to her extensive career, Wyanne continues to inspire others with her incredible personal story. She is a Stage IV oral cancer survivor and warrior with a speech impediment who has overcome insurmountable obstacles, and removed impossible barriers to thriving as an artistic force.  Wyanne boldly shares her experience, inspiration and strength.  She has amassed a powerful and dedicated global community of artists - connected across all continents - with a shared desire to stretch creative skills beyond what is perceived possible. Wyanne guides and challenges this thriving global community to find their artistic voice and to share that voice with the world.